A Personal Parable is your story and your vision, wrapped around an age-old story.  

It’s what you speak on stages about to explain your work and inspire others to take action.  

It’s your stand-out story that helps you get known for what matters to you and to the world we’re inventing.  

Defining your Personal Parable is a way you explain your passions, your work, where you’re coming from and where you’re going…  

...and how your audience and clients and communities can come along, too.  

Developing your Personal Parable means connecting through stories -- and stories aren’t arguments or reports.  

Stories are imagination whisperers that lower everyone’s inhibitions & defenses  

And your standout story -- your Personal Parable -- is your life as metaphor. You tell it so that your listeners can emotionally connect…  

... and therefore mentally invest in you AND your message.  

A Personal Parable is an epiphany-sparker and creative anchor that grounds you and makes you fly.  

And your Personal Parable can inspire folks to make a commitment to interrupt the status quo and act to call forth the new world.  

This is our work together.  

Let’s develop your Personal Parable so you can inspire people to gain insight & take action.  

Personal Parable Speaking Coaching  

Develop your stand-out story and tell it everywhere!  

  • Work 1:1 with me across as your stand-out story coach  
  • Two 2-hour story-coaching sessions with me via Zoom so you can define, build and practice your Personal Parable  
  • I research your existing platform and your cultural heritage and identify cultural fables we could use as a metaphor for your journey and work  
  • Then we choose, customize, deepen, change and practice the story until it’s your Personal Parable  
  • I'll give you meaty follow-up exercises so that you build out your story easily, step-by-step  
  • Recordings will be shared with you so you can review your progress and iterate 
  • You get two weeks of email support after our session 
  • Sliding scale up to $1,100 USD

Let's see if we fit with a 30-minute (no selling) Intro Call: https://storycoach.acuityscheduling.com